There are basically 3 ways to buy.

  • LOW TECH-  is easiest. Call us or email us, tell us what you want or an idea. We will lay out several options for you, send you proofs, incorporate any changes you want and when you are happy start production. We will send a PayPal invoice you can pay securely online and will ship when payment is confirmed.                                                                                                                                                   
  • HIGH TECH-DESIGN YOUR OWN-is probably most fun. CLICK HERE to go to our online Design Studio where your imaginagion, our custom art images and custom fonts allow you to create your own masterpiece. When complete you can work through the shopping cart, finalize and pay for your order and we will confirm the proof and ship within 7 days. If you have your own logo the background must be saved as transparent. If you want color editing ability you will have to send us the image for us to convert to FLASH and upload for your use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • SHOPPING CART CHECKOUT-If you have an inhouse design, an old cap you want copied or an idea on an napkin (photo by phone is fine) go through the shopping cart, upload the files, pay via PayPal. We will be back to you within 24 hours with a proof and when we finalize and confirm the design we will print and ship within 7 days via UPS EXPRESS.   



Payment is via credit card securely via PayPal. As an online financial transaction broker, PayPal lets people send money to each other's email addresses. At no time will either party see the other's credit card or bank information.

Similar to an escrow service, PayPal acts as the middleman holder of money. Through its policies, practices, and business integrity, PayPal has earned the trust of both parties. With multiple guarantees in place, buyers and sellers entrust PayPal with their credit card and bank information. PayPal keeps that private customer information secret. Then, while "blinded" from the other party's confidential information, strangers safely send money to each other through PayPal and email.

Whether you buy gas or food in a resteraunt there is a financial middleman. Most are transparent. PayPal has built a brand of convenience and security. You can even issue an echeck. Costs are born by us. 


We are happy to send you a sample of our caps to determine quality and color of our cap and our printing. 

Please provide us with the following information and we will ship via UPS the next day.

Team Name:

Equipment Purchase Decision Maker.

Address:(no PO Box)


Cap Color Interested In:

Quantity of Caps interested in?

When caps are required:



  • We prefer PayPal.
  • We prefer some person pays locally and seeks reimbursement.
  • We have found that there is no sense of urgency to pay or follow up wafter caps are received.

We do understand that is not always possible and will work with Purchase orders if provided before ordering so that we may decide yes or decline.