I am certainly not a graphic artist I have spent a lot of time watching swimming and looking at swimming caps. What looks great on a t- shirt in a large print gets lost on a cap. What looks good in your hand gets lost when as a swim coach you are trying to talk to swimmers and watch others at the same time. A great swim cap can help.
The first thing I look for on my team swim cap is

  • can I see the cap in the pool from 5 lanes away and is it easily recognizable as your team.  
  • The second is “it’s cool” to the kids so that they want to wear it. 
  • KISS-Keep it simple-The cap is small. You will not see from 3 feet away and asks for printing inconsistency.
  • Your graphic designer is not a swimming person and you decide what you want.
  • The cap is an integral part of your team identity and part of your “branding” strategy. 
·         Can we print manufacturer logos on the caps. The answer is it depends. As I understand it if your team has a contract of support from a manufacturer we can put a logo on it the same as they require the logo of sponsorship on TSHIRTS, MEET PROGRAMS etc. 
I think a better question is how much is "sponsorship" really worth if you have to overpay for everything. Most teams buy from us, sell to members with a fair mark up and are further ahead than "sponsored" teams.

Vector art built in Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator is the best to send us, but we have a wide range of file types we can use. Convert all fonts to curves when saving. 

  • Pantone colors are the best way to describe the colors you want.
  • Printing on Silicone swim caps is much more complicated but colors matched much more closely. 
  • While the color you see on your monitor is not exactly what I see on mine it will be much closer than you wanting blue and me being color blind.
  • Swim Teams such as colleges, universities or countries can order silicone swim caps in the exact color they require. For example UT-Austin is “TEXAS ORANGE”-with the pantone # specified we can match exactly.
  • There are minimums and an extra week or two is needed to produce but no extra charge. Printing is scheduled when we receive payment. Depending on complexity we complete in 2 days and ship in 3 days. 
  • Quality control is exercised at every step. We ship from Mexico via UPS and satellite tracking
  • We supply a tracking number and follow up daily. 
  • The difference between us and the rest is that we live with swim teams and the constant pull of 1000 strings.
  • At our goal is to print and ship all orders within 5 days of receiving approved art and payment. 
  • It means with our normal shipping you will receive them in about 7-8 days-not weeks.
  • Here is a color chart for reference. Be aware that your monitor and my monitor show difference in calibration. 
  • IF color is essential it is best to visit an art store and look at actual Pantone color wheels or chip sets.  Use the Pantone color to specify. Use this Pantone Chart for reference.